Sunday, October 24, 2010

Personal Drug Security Recommendations For Patients And Caregivers

As many pain medications possess a high potential for abuse and a correspondingly high street value, to avoid loss, theft and injury, the following personal drug security recommendations are made:

  • Patient should never discuss their medications with anyone! This includes friends, family, teenagers (or their friends) neighbors and coworkers.
  • Patient should always carry their medications in a nontransparent case/container so that they are not easily visible.
  • At home, work, school or in a vehicle, do not leave medications out in the open, in plain view where they may be stolen or tampered with.
  • A dedicated lockbox at home is recommended to secure medications from tampering or theft.
  • When away from home, always have medications in an appropriately labeled container. This is especially important and helpful should the patient be stopped by law enforcement officials who must verify that they are in lawful possession of a controlled substance.
Never tell family or friends that they are expecting a package from the pharmacy.